Update 3/27/20: We are pleased to announce that we now have telehealth capabilities for conducting virtual visits. Please email office@pbhts.com or call the office at 561-295-8281 if you are an established patient of Palm Beach Hand to Shoulder or a new patient who would like to schedule a telehealth appointment.  We will continue to see a limited number of patients in person when absolutely essential. For everyone's safety, the majority of consultations will take place by telehealth until further notice.  For more information, please visit https://telehealthinfo.us.  

If you require time-sensitive, in-person care and are scheduled to be seen in our office, please click here to read our important guidelines for in-office visit precautions prior to your visit.

Thank you.

To Patients of Palm Beach Hand to Shoulder:

The COVID-19 public health crisis has now reached a point where it is necessary to close the office.  Projections indicate that in the coming days we are likely to see an increase in cases, and resources to deal with critically ill patients will exceed surge capacity.  As such, it would be reckless on our part to continue providing in-person care at this time. All new patient visits and non-essential established patient appointments are postponed until further notice. Please do not call the office for rescheduling purposes. Rest assured that my team will be in communication with patients whose appointments are affected.  Please check your email, text messages, our website, and Patient Portal for updated information with respect to your appointment and rescheduling options. We are taking the necessary steps in preparation to see postoperative patients and a select number of established patients via telehealth.  My office will be in touch with these patients today.

If you are not providing essential services at this unprecedented time: do your part and STAY HOME.  As it becomes increasingly necessary to exercise social distancing and hunker down at home, it can be tempting to take on activities one may have been putting off, such as changing that recessed lightbulb on a high ceiling or trimming branches in the backyard.  Now is not the time to take on chores or diversions with a high risk for injury.  If you fall from a ladder while changing a lightbulb and break your hip or wrist, or if you sustain an open injury to your hand, you risk having to go to a patient care setting where transmissibility of COVID-19 may be higher, and you will also be diverting precious medical resources away from the projected numbers of critically ill patients with COVID-19 infections.   

We hope this message resonates.  The safety and well being of our patients is our top priority.  We wish you and your loved ones the best.


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Veronica A. Diaz, MD